4 Off-base housing options

Off-base housing

Off-base housing, also known as civilian housing, is an option for military families who want to live somewhere other than the military base. Off-base housing can provide more privacy and a larger living space, but it also introduces new challenges. Here are some off-base housing options for military families.

  1. Renting a house or apartment: For military families who prefer to live off-base, renting a house or apartment is a popular option. This option gives families more control over their living environment by allowing them to select their own appliances and decor. It's important to note that rent can be more expensive off-base, so families should plan accordingly.
  2. Buying a house: Military families can also choose to buy a house off-base. This option can provide a sense of permanence and stability, but it also entails additional responsibilities associated with home ownership, such as mortgage payments and property taxes. A larger down payment and a good credit score may also be required when purchasing a home.
  3. Living in a military-friendly neighborhood: Many communities near military bases have been specifically designed to meet the needs of military families. These communities frequently provide special benefits to military families, such as reduced rent or mortgages.
  4. Living in corporate housing: Corporate housing is a short-term housing solution that can provide military families with fully-furnished, serviced apartments. This can be an excellent option for families transitioning between bases or in the process of purchasing a home.

Finally, off-base housing provides military families with greater privacy and control over their living environment. Military families have the option of renting a house or apartment, purchasing a home, residing in a military-friendly community, or residing in corporate housing. A military family's best option will be determined by their personal preferences, budget, and needs. Off-base housing can be more expensive than on-base housing, but it provides more privacy and control over their living environment. Before deciding on the best housing option for their family, families should carefully consider their needs and budget.

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